What does Student Author Movement do?

Student Author Movement is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides free author visits to Title 1 schools.

Title 1 schools are 40% or more low income schools that typically need assistance with budget money to allow important programs like Student Author Movement to come in. The goal is to help bridge the 12% achievement gap between Title 1 and non-Title 1 schools using author visits to engage students using writing exercises, illustrating and book publishing as its mentoring tool.

Up to 50 children's books written by students or an author at Student Author Movement will be donated to each school as part of the visit to promote literacy and close the achievement gap.

Student Author Movement seeks grants or donations that range from $500 to $10,000.

100% of donations and grants go directly to providing free author visits and children's books to Title 1 schools. There is no salary compensation at Student Author Movement.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, Student Author Movement is a 501c3 nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible.

How is my donation used?

Your tax deductible donation allows a Title 1 school to obtain a free author visit mentoring up to 400 students. Each $500 donation provides one free visit. In addition to the visit, Student Author Movement will donate up to 50 children's books written by a student-author, or an author of Student Author Movement to promote literacy. One student at each school will be selected to become published by ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC. This is a huge perk of the program. Your company’s logo will appear on the back cover of every book of the student-author you helped support at the Title 1 school. Your logo will show everyone you made a difference!

What is a Title 1 School?

This program, which is now the pillar of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), is our oldest and largest federally funded education program, according to the U.S. Department of Education. It dates from 1965 and its main purpose has been to help underpriviledged children meet challenging stat academic standards. Title 1 funding helps those who are behind or at risk of falling behind, aiming to bridge the gap between low-income students and other students. The schoolwide program is available to schools with a student base where at least 40% come from low-income families.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a simple idea. Individuals help reach big goals by donating small amounts.

Can I write a check to Student Author Movement?

Absolutely. Your donation is still tax-deductible. Simply make the check out to 'Student Author Movement'

Student Author Movement
1113 Stoneybrook Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17111